Terms of Service

This agreement is a contract between you and the "Vico" APP (hereinafter referred to as Vico) for the use of Vico in the relevant matters. Please read this registration agreement carefully, if you use the service, register account, login in Vico Accounts are deemed to be accepted by this Agreement and agree to be bound by the terms of user agreement and privacy policy .

1 Confirmation and acceptance of the Terms of Service

1.1 The ownership and operation rights of Vico's various electronic services are owned by the Vico owner. The user confirms that the terms of this agreement are the contract for handling the rights and obligations of both parties, and are always valid. If there are other mandatory provisions in the law or if the parties have special agreement, the provisions shall be followed.
1.2 User Confirmation: It is 18 years old and has full civil capacity.
1.3 If the user clicks to agree to this agreement, the user is deemed to have the ability and ability to enjoy the corresponding rights of the Vico service, and can independently assume legal responsibility.
1.4 Vico reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to refuse service, close user accounts, clear or edit content or cancel orders within the scope permitted by the laws of Hong Kong.

2 Vico Service

2.1 Vico provides users with Internet information and other services through the Internet. Users fully agree to the Vicoapp, website, WeChat public account and other third-party platform services if they fully agree to this agreement and Vico.
2.2 Users must prepare the following equipment and bear the following expenses: (1) Internet access equipment, including not limited to computers or other Internet terminals, modems and other necessary Internet access devices; (2) Internet expenses, including not limited to network access Fees, Internet equipment rental fees, mobile phone traffic fees, etc.

3 User Information

3.1 The user shall provide the registration information to Vico in good faith. The user agrees that the registration information provided by the user is true, accurate, complete, legal and valid. If the user registration information changes, the registration information shall be updated in a timely manner. If the registration information provided by the user is illegal, untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, the user shall bear the corresponding responsibilities and consequences, and Vico reserves the right to terminate the use of Vicoapp services.
3.2 Vico will strictly keep confidential information when the user fills in the registration information in Vico, including the user's real name/address, communication address, contact number, e-mail address, etc. Unless otherwise authorized by the user or otherwise stipulated by law, Vico will not go to the outside world. Disclosure of user privacy information.
3.3 After the user is successfully registered, account information such as user name and password will be generated. You can change your password according to Vico rules. Users should carefully and reasonably save and use their username and password. If the user finds any illegal use of the user account or a security breach, please notify the Vico official immediately and report the case to the public security organ.
3.4 Users shall not lend the account obtained by Vico to others for use, otherwise the user shall bear all the liabilities arising therefrom and bear joint and several liability with the actual user.
3.5 The user agrees that Vico has the right to use the user's registration information, user name, password and other information to log in to the user's registered account for evidence preservation, including but not limited to notarization and witness.

4 User's obligation to act according to law

This agreement is based on the relevant national laws, regulations and rules, and the user agrees to strictly abide by the following obligations:
(1) It is not allowed to transmit or publish: inciting resistance, undermining the constitution and the implementation of laws and administrative regulations, inciting subversion of state power, overthrowing the socialist system, inciting speeches that split the country and undermine national unity, inciting national hatred and nationality. Discrimination and destruction of national unity;
(2) When transmitting data information, it must comply with relevant Hong Kong laws and regulations;
(3) Do not use Vico to steal personal information and other illegal activities;
(4) Do not interfere with the normal operation of Vico, and must not invade Vico and the National Computer Information System;
(5) Do not transmit or publish any illegal, harassing, slanderous, abusive, intimidating, harmful, vulgar, obscene, uncivilized information such as criminals;
(6) It is not allowed to transmit or publish information or speech that harms the public interest of the state and involves national security;
(7) Do not insult others to engage in acts prohibited by this section;
(8) Do not use the account registered with Vico for profit-making business activities;
(9) Do not post any content that infringes the intellectual property rights or legal rights of others, such as copyright and trademark rights;
Users should pay attention to and comply with the various legal rules that Vico publishes or modifies from time to time.
Vico reserves the right to delete all types of information that does not comply with legal policies or untrue information without notifying the user.
If the user fails to comply with the above requirements, Vico has the right to make independent judgments and take measures such as suspending or closing the user account. Users are responsible for their own statements and actions on the Internet.

5 In App Purchase and Subscription

5.1 In App Purchases. From time to time, Vico may offer additional products and services for purchase through the App Store ℠, Google Play or other application platforms ("in app purchases"). If you choose to make an in app purchase, you will be prompted to enter details for your account with the mobile platform you are using (e.g., Apple, Android, etc.) ("your IAP Account"), and your IAP Account will be charged for the in app purchase in accordance with the terms disclosed to you at the time of purchase as well as the general terms for in app purchases that apply to your IAP Account. If you purchase an auto-recurring periodic subscription through an in app purchase, your IAP Account will be billed continuously for the subscription until you cancel in accordance with the platform terms. In call cases, please refer to the terms of your application platform which apply to your in app purchases.
5.2 What can I buy on Vico?
Vico offers you the opportunity to pay for certain services offered on the site. Vico’s VIP services include various opportunities to enjoy the premium exclusive service. All of these VIP services can be purchased after you register, and you may subscribe to the VIP services for various lengths of time. Once you have paid for any VIP services, they are non-refundable. You can change your Auto Top-up at anytime in your payment settings on your profile page. The pricing may vary due to a number of factors, such as (but not limited to) promotional offers, loyalty bonuses and other discounts that might apply to your age group.
5.3 How do I renew my VIP services with Vico?
Once you have requested a Vico VIP Service, you authorise Vico to charge your chosen payment method. If you want to cancel or change your payment method at any time, you can do so either via the payment settings option under your profile or by contacting your mobile service provider. If your chosen payment method is via your mobile service provider, then please check with them about their payment terms, as their payment terms will govern how payments to Vico are made as well as how such payments may be changed or cancelled. Your subscription to Vico’s VIP services will automatically renew until you decide to cancel, and if you have enabled the auto top-up feature, your account will automatically be topped up until you decide to disable this feature.
5.4 Subscription Tips
1. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period;
2. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal;
3. Subscriptions can be managed by the user: auto-renewal can be turned off by going to the user‘s Account Settings after purchase;
4. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.
5.5 Virtual Currency
1. Vico offers a feature allowing users to purchase virtual currency which we called "Vico Cards" for use within the Service (i.e. as a "tip" to another Vico stars for live show, or send Gift to your friends on chat). You acknowledge and agree that your distribution of any Cards currently in your account, as a virtual "tip" to any other user's account, is made solely at your own discretion; you further understand that once you have confirmed a transfer of Cards to another user's account, the action cannot be undone and the Cards cannot be withdrawn.
2. The value (i.e. the exchange rate) of the Cards is determined by Vico based on your country of origin, and Vico further reserves the right to modify the purchase exchange rate between actual currency and virtual Cards from time to time, with or without reason, in its sole discretion. By your use of the Service, you confirm your understanding of and accept the then-current exchange rate of any Cards at the time of your purchase.
3. Your use of any Cards purchased shall be solely for legitimate purposes within the Service, and must comply with all applicable laws at all times (i.e. no exchanging of Cards for any activity, product, conduct or services deemed unauthorized by these Terms of Use or our Community Policy).
4. If your account is terminated by Vico for cause, any outstanding Cards remaining in your account at the time of termination may be confiscated and will not be recoverable in Vico's sole and absolute discretion.
5. You understand that the purchase of Cards requires actual money. If you disagree with any part of, or do not fully understand our exchange rate policy, please refrain from purchasing or using any Cards in connection with the Service.
6. You understand that Vico may change, modify or update these Terms of Use, or the terms of sale in connection with the Cards from time to time, and that such revised terms will apply to all subsequent purchases of any Cards, and you agree that you will review these Terms of Use and any terms regarding the sale of Cards prior to making any purchase.

6 Ownership and intellectual property provisions

6.1 Once the user accepts this agreement, it indicates that the user has taken the initiative to disclose the property rights of any form of information (including but not limited to customer evaluation, customer consultation, various topic articles, etc.) published by Vico at any time. Any transferable rights, such as copyright property rights (including not limited to: reproduction rights, distribution rights, rental rights, exhibition rights, performance rights, screening rights, broadcasting rights, information network communication rights, filming rights, adaptation rights, translation rights) , the right of assembly and other transferable rights that should be enjoyed by the copyright owner), all exclusive and irrevocably transferred to Vico, the user agrees that Vico has the right to file a separate lawsuit for any subject infringement.
6.2 This Agreement has constituted a written agreement on the transfer of rights such as Copyright Law of the Hong Kong and the copyright property rights of the relevant laws, and its validity is published on the Vico website. Any content protected by copyright law, whether such content is formed prior to the conclusion of this Agreement or after the conclusion of this Agreement.
6.3 The User agrees and fully understands the terms of this Agreement and undertakes not to publish or authorize other entities in any form to use the information published in Vico in any way (including but not limited to use on various websites and media).
6.4 Vico is the producer of Vico and has the legal rights to the copyright of the content and resources of this website. It is protected by national laws and has the right to modify this agreement and Vico from time to time and post it in Vico without further notice to the user. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Vico has the right to interpret this Agreement and the Vico content.
6.5 Except as otherwise required by law, no unit or individual may illegally copy, reproduce, quote, link, crawl or otherwise use Vico information in whole or in part without the express written permission of Vico. Content, otherwise, Vico has the right to pursue its legal responsibility.
6.6 Vico's material information (such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, sound file fragments, digital downloads, data editing and software) is the property of Vico or its content providers, subject to Chinese and international copyright laws. protection of. The compilation of all content on Vico is the exclusive property of Vico and is protected by Chinese and international copyright laws. All software on Vico is the property of Vico or its affiliates or its software suppliers and is protected by Chinese and international copyright laws.

7 Limitation of Liability and Non-commitment Guarantee

Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, Vico and all information, content, materials, products (including software) and services contained in or otherwise provided to you by Vico are "as is" and "as is" There are "based on the provided. Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, Vico makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, regarding the operation of Vico and the information, content, materials, products (including software) or services contained on this website (under Hong Kong) Other than the law of the Hongkong). Vico does not warrant all information, content, materials, products (including software) and services contained in Vico or otherwise provided to you by Vico, its servers or e-mails sent from Vico, information without viruses or other harmful components.

8 Agreement update and user concern

In accordance with changes in national laws and regulations and the operation of the website, Vico has the right to modify the terms of this agreement from time to time. Once the revised agreement is posted on Vico, it will take effect and replace the original agreement. Users can log in to check the latest agreement at any time; users are obliged to pay attention to and read the latest version of the agreement and website announcement from time to time. If the user does not agree to the updated agreement, he/she may immediately and immediately stop accepting the services provided by the Vico website in accordance with this agreement; if the user continues to use the services provided by this website, it shall be deemed to agree to the updated agreement. Vico recommends that you read this agreement and the Vico announcement before using Vico. If any of the Agreements is deemed to be revoked, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason, the Article shall be deemed to be separable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

9 Jurisdiction and application of law

The conclusion, execution and interpretation of this Agreement and the resolution of disputes shall apply to valid laws applicable in the Hong Kong (but excluding its conflict of laws rules). In the event of any conflict between this Agreement and applicable law, these terms will be reinterpreted in full accordance with the law, and other valid terms will continue to be valid. In the event of any dispute between the Contracting Parties regarding the content of this Agreement or its execution, the parties shall endeavor to resolve the dispute through friendly negotiation; if the negotiation fails, either party may file a lawsuit in the court of Hongkong with jurisdiction over the location of Vico.

Article 10 Others

10.1 The owner of Vico refers to the main body of the Vico website that is legally licensed or filed by the government.
10.2 Vico respects the legal rights of users and consumers. This Agreement and the various rules, statements and other contents posted on this website are for better and more convenient service for users and consumers. Vico welcomes users and the community to provide comments and suggestions. Vico will accept and revise this agreement and various rules on Vico.
10.3 The terms of this agreement are clearly marked in bold, bold, underlined, italic, etc., please read carefully.
10.4 By logging in or creating an account, you are deemed to have fully accepted this Agreement. Please confirm and fully understand the full content of this Agreement before become the member of the Vico.
10.5 If you have any question or suggestion, you could contact us via our official email support@vicochat.com